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Dog Park = FUN June 5, 2007

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When we were in Wisconsin, we took Amy to a dog park, about 50 miles from home, once. It was a chilly evening and there were only a few dogs at the park. She enjoyed running around with the other dogs and had a lot of fun. When Amy and I moved to California, we had a dog park by the lake, 2 blocks from home. So, almost every evening when I came back from work, we went to the dog park. Though some dogs are mean, she likes her doggie friends and makes the most of her time at the park. We don’t go back home till she is thoroughly exhausted. Sometimes she runs so much that I worry about her passing out!

Running with the pack

Amy is a social bird, running from one dog to another, saying hello, till she sees a ball flying by! She has to chase the ball, no matter whose it is. And she is faster than a lot of other dogs at the park and usually picks up the ball first. Though it is good to see her active and performing, it is a little awkward when the other dog parent doesn’t like their dog’s ball being retrieved by Amy. one good things is Amy usually takes the ball back to the person who is throwing it. Once she gets distracted by the ball, all dogs become invisible!

Utterly exhausted and still waiting for the ball

After we befriended Sephora and her parents, we have been taking them out on play dates either to the dog park or the beach often. One day, for the first time ever, Amy growled at other dogs that wanted to drink from her bowl. She was too heated up and there was no way she was going to share her cool sip. The sweet part was when Sephora wanted to drink from her bowl, Amy did not mind at all!

Amy and Sephora, having a great time at the dog park. Can the tongue come out any more?

The part I hate the most is when there is a pool of stagnated water by the taps, muddy and all, and Amy will go and plop in it to cool down! The tap is spring controlled and giving her a rinse without asking anyone for help is impossible. Going through the whole ritual of holding her still and close to the tap when there are a bunch of dogs running around, rinsing and toweling her and taking her straight to the car before she makes it to the mud puddle again, makes for an eventful evening for both of us.


Tug-of-War – The Ultimate Game June 4, 2007

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Amy loves to play tug-of-war. She is not specific about which toy she wants to play the game with. Anything would work. Not only with us, but with other dogs too. She initiates the game by taking the toy to the other party, be it her doggie friends or us. I know that the rules of the tug-of-war says that we initiate and end the game and make sure that we win every time. If the humans don’t win, they say that it could promote dominance in the dog. Its another way of ensuring that the dog knows that you are in-charge.

Here she is, playing tug with Sephora in my backyard

Though I usually try to follow the books closely with Amy, I think it is o.k. for her to let us know when she wants to play. If we are not busy, we could always have a little fun! She is really good with leaving us alone when we don’t want to play. Also, since she knows ‘drop it’, stopping the game anytime she is getting worked up is easy! We also let her win often. Not just that she does because she has a lot more balance on four legs, or that she is more aggressive about the toy than we are, but also letting her win gives her an ego boost. Amy used to be very passive and scared when we brought her home. She gets scared easily, especially with men and we suspect that she had been abused. Even in the dog park or the beach, when she sees another dog, she would run to it, but then most of the time sits down or lies on her belly. Though it is good in some ways that she is very passive in letting the other dog know that she is not a threat, we don’t want her to feel so much threatened and vulnerable. And one should see her happiness when she could pull that rope off my hand 🙂


Birdie Heaven June 3, 2007

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These are part of what constitutes birdie heaven for Nikko:

Sitting on Dad’s shoulder and nibbling at his ears. The left side is better, as Pepper is on the right these days!

Getting kisses from mom

Rolled back on her lap

Or climbing on her shoulder

On the bed, when Dad wakes up

And, eating cake frosting!


Laid Back Nikko June 2, 2007

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Nikko likes to be with us or rather, on us, most of the time. When he gets really excited and playful, he likes to ‘Roll Over’ on his back. He has not learned to do so by himself, without the support of a finger. He would lean back on the sheets and give it a try though.

Rolling over on my palm

Now to the sheet

And letting go!


Amy and the snow… June 1, 2007

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If there is one thing that I don’t like about Wisconsin, its the cold snowy winter. Last winter, I was stuck at home, not wanting to layer up to even step outside the house. By the time snow started, Amy had learned to step outside for nature calls, without having us accompany her. I even taught her to bark at the door when she is done, so that we could open the door to let her in.

For reasons I cannot understand, Amy loved the snow. She would just run around in the yard in knee – deep snow, jumping around stuff I can’t see. She likes to play ‘fetch’ even when it is snowing and even chased snow balls. It was us that were in trouble, trying to keep her busy inside the house, playing with her in the basement and attic, making sure she gets her exercise. But anytime we bundled up to step outside, she was in for a fun time playing with her ball. The times we stepped out to shovel the snow was the best for her. We would be out for a while and she had the run of the place. She even tried eating the snow a few times! Well, we now have the ocean in California, and she has a lot more fun swimming 🙂


Amy’s first friend May 29, 2007

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The first dog we took Amy to play with is Gavin – he is Shankar’s colleague’s pet. Till then, we have seen Amy run to other dogs that are walked on the street in front of our house, and know she wants to play with them, but didn’t know how she would get along. The first time we took her to play with Gavin, they played for the whole day..non-stop.

Even if Gavin did not want to play, Amy was not ready to leave him alone. It was more than a month since we brought her home and she had been deprived of canine friends. And seeing Gavin was her chance to socialize and she was not ready to cut it short. Needless to say, she slept so well that night!