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Last Month of Snow March 22, 2008

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We are really really hoping for it to stop snowing and finally see some sun. It was very pleasant for a few days last week, and we played outside a lot. It was good to see the snow melting finally. However, it snowed again last three days and it is warm now. The ice has started to melt quite a bit and Amy is determined to make the best of the piles up snow and ice before it is hot here and spends quite a bit of time investigating things in the snow!

How else do you think we can keep busy in this weather?

Things as usual March 8, 2008

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Nothing much has changed in Wisconsin, since the last time we wrote – the snow is still there and we are having really cold days and nights. Well, actually we are seeing he sun more often now, but not enough to melt the snow piles. Amy has been enjoying the snow, a lot more than we do, and runs around like crazy.
She has lost a lot more balls this winter in the snow than ever before and spends a lot of time searching for them in places that she will not be able to find them.
Here she is in one of her mad dashes across the yard. Oh, she has also been jumping from top of the snow piles, which I am hoping to get a video of soon.

Finding Bunny February 12, 2008

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We have at least one bunny living under our back porch. Given that there are few interesting things happening outside these days, Amy has taken to checking for the bunny whenever she can.

The bunny has three holes through which it comes and goes and Amy keeps track of all those, sniffing from where the bunny went and which one it came back in.

Entry 1: Bunny uses to go to the neighbor’s porch.
Entry 2: Bunny uses to go to the house behind us with bushes.
Entry 3: Bunny uses to confuse Amy 🙂

What we do in the snow February 8, 2008

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Amy loves the snow – doesn’t matter how windy it is, or how cold it is, she just loves to play outside in the snow. She is the only reason we ever spend anytime outside in this weather. The snow just makes her go nuts, she needs very little prompting or no stimulus from us at all – the snow does it. Here is a short clip of her running around, just because.


Playing in the Snow January 4, 2008

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Pretty much Amy spent all of December till the Holidays, playing in the snow. For some reason, Snow triggers the pointless running around in her. She hops and jumps at unseen things, and runs around like crazy once there is a foot of snow on the ground. She would much rather play outside than come in. It is a challenge for her to play fetch in the snow, especially if she doesn’t see where the ball lands, she will run all over the place sniffing for it and poking her nose in the snow. We now have huge piles of snow outside the house and Amy simply loves it!


Colorado Mountains July 29, 2007

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 40 – 03.30 AM

All the way through Colorado the weather did not improve at all. In fact, at one point of time the weather was so bad we had to take a break for the night. The next day improved slightly and we were moving away from the Rockies which helped a little. We did not venture too much away from the car, so Amy was happy whenever she got breaks.

Photo Session with Mommy & Daddy

When she did want to go out she did not hide her joy. She was happy to jump out of the car when needed.


Iowa Rest Area

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 39 – 03.00 AM

The weather was really terrible when we started from Owen. The night was a snow storm, however we had to stick to our schedule to undertake this long trip. The next day was slightly better, but not too much. We stopped in a rest area in Iowa for our break. All around us there was snow and the trees had turned into icicles.

Ice Trees!

Having been inside the car all day, Amy was happy to finally go out, stretch and have some fun. Having lived in WI, snow did not daunt her!

Play time with Mommy!