One Dog and Two Birds

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Nikko May 16, 2007

Nikko – the colorful!

Nikko Enjoying a head scratch by Shankar

Nikko in one of his preening sessions



One Response to “Nikko”

  1. Rikus Says:

    Oooh i just love these birds!! I have a jenday conure too, got him about a year ago, I think he is about two years old now, and he is the cutest (and loudest) pet I ever had!

    His name is Pottie, short for Potter, short for Harry Potter!

    As I am typing this, he is sleeping under my jacket on my shoulder, before I put him in his sleeping cage for the night!

    I dont know why, but he prefers to sleep at the top of his cage in the corner, not like most of the other conures who sleep in little bed or tent on the floor of their cages!

    Either way he is very healthy and beautiful! Every morning he wakes me up, then he sleeps a while with me under the covers until i get up for school!

    He also says a few words! His name in different variations like Potter! and Pottie and Potvis (pronounced pot-fis) and Potterkie!

    He also mimicks coughs! It is so cute! And he growls like the dogs in his cute soft voice!

    I am not certain, but I am very sure that Pottie is male!! I just have that feeling! I think I’ll take him to the vet and test him, just to be one hundred percent sure!

    Well that’s Pottie, the bird that gives me the most pleasure and joy in the world! I would never trade him for anything!


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